Let us tell you how to prepare skin before makeup in few simple steps

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If you thought that there is no need to prepare your skin before putting makeup on your skin. Your makeup routine has to follow some steps so your makeup art won’t fade. This article will give you wonderful advices to reach flawless makeup!

Few steps to prepare your skin before applying makeup

That’s right there are couple of steps that should be followed before a makeup application. skin prep is in fact very important thing to do if you want to apply makeup and keep it as beautiful as it is in the beginning.

Cleanse your skin

Before applying makeup you should wash your face with lukewarm water. To do this you should use soft and also mild cleanser to help you even out your skin tone. This step made your skin smoother. Use only a dime-sized amount of cleanser and massage it into your skin.

However it is very important to choose the right cleanser for your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin you should avoide cleansers that includes glycolic acid. For those who have acne-prone skin you should look for a cleanser that is going to be slightly more acidic this will help your skin fight the bacteria.

Use exfoliator

If you don’t want your makeup to look cakey, you should get rid of those annoying dead skin cells with help of gently exfoliate. Exfoliating means for you that your skin will be new and smooth! You should look for a gentle daily exfoliator scrub which is going to be including tiny granules which are circular in shape.

Use serum or toner

You should know that toner is very useful for those people that have oily skin type, while serum is good for those with dry skin type because it hydrates the skin. People likes to skip this step while it is very important step. If you are having problems in choosing serum you should choose a serum that includes vitamin c, sodium hyaluronic and herbs.

Use eye cream

Why eye cream? Well eye cream helps to moisturize the skin but also even out the skin tone under eye area. This skin area is very fragile and thin. That’s why you should put an eye cream in the right way to even out uneven skin tone.

Use moisturizer

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This is just like MUST DO! No matter if you have oily skin type of dry skin type you should apply moisturizer. You should also now that before you will apply your makeup you should think of using light moisturizer – this will help you avoid havig your makeup base oily. You should lightly massage it into your skin and also gently pat it around the more sensitive areas.

Right moisturizer? Well you should ideally have two moisturizers. One should be for day and second one for night. Your day moisturizer should be lighter and also should includes an SPF. When it comes to for night moisturizer it can be a bit heavier.

Apply primer

If you have dry or sensitive skin yuo should use a hydrating primer before you will apply makeup to your beautiful face. For those people who have oily skin you should add an eye primer which can help you extend the wear of eyeshadow.

Makeup tips

  • For those people with oilier skin the should go for cleanser that is going to focus on oil control,
  • you can go for a splash or rose water to get a glowing skin,
  • if you want to get rid of redness you should choose a light green primer it will help you hide it,
  • people with oilier skin should go for mattifying primer,
  • always apply makeup on a clean skin,
  • if you want to get rid of dry patches from your dry skin you should go for exfoliating,
  • you should use a lip balm if you are about to smooth your lips,
  • if you will apply too much moisturizer this may lead to breakouts and/or oily skin,
  • if you want to reach makeup look that will scream “right out of shower” you should use a thicker cream,

Facts about makeup routine

  • dead skin cells may be building up on the skin’s surface and it can lead to clogged pores, uneven skin tone or dullness,
  • makeup shouldn’t be applyed on top of products that are not fully absorbed into the skin,
  • you can exfoliate not only the face but you can do that also to your lips and it should be done with small circular motions,
  • you should always make sure if you moisturize, moisturizing is indeed one of the most important steps before foundation will be even near to the skin of your face.


Now you know many things that are very imortant for skin prep routine but you should also be aware of this that flawless skin and makeup take some time. Skincare routine is very important and all of us should remember about that. Enjoy this precious time that you are going to give to your beautiful face.

So now do not think about skipping any step and prep skin for makeup. There are many good skincare products that are going to be good for you, all you have to do is to consider all the skin types and find out which one is the one you have. Go to store and create look that could be called created by a makeup artist.

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    I have always been wondering how to deal with my short lasting makeup. You just saved me!

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