Shape of your eyes – find out what is your eye shape

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Are you wondering how to determine your eye shape? If you answered yes to this question this means your are in the right places. There are couple of eye shapes and you will be able to know them in this article.

How to determine your eye shape?

In fact it is pretty easy to determine eye shape, all you will need to do is to bring a mirror and have a few minutes. You will have to look for different characteristics to determine what shape are your eyes. Remember that all of the eye shapes are beautiful and when you will be able to determine your own you will be able to create the most beautiful makeup ever.

Here goes the types of eye shapes:

  1. round eyes,
  2. monolid eyes,
  3. downturned eyes,
  4. upturned eyes,
  5. hooded eyes,
  6. almond eyes.

Round eyes

Main characteristics of the round eyes is that the crease will always be noticeably visible. Another characteristic is this that you can see white on top or bottom of the iris when you look in the mirror. If you can see the white it is very clear that you are the owner of round eyes.

Monolid eyes

If you do not see any of a crease or you do but only a little when our eyelid touches the skin below eyebrows this means that you have a monolid eyes shape. If you have this eye shape you should know that the crease of the eye will not be able to be seen when you will have your eyes open.

Downturned eyes

There is no easier way to check if you have downturned eyes than to look at the outermost corner and see if it lifts up or downward. So when the outer corner points down this means you have downturned eyes.

Upturned eyes

This is in fact very similar method as the one used to determine downturned eyes. To determine if you have upturned eyes you should look at the outer corners and see if they tilt up or down. When the eyes are tilting upwords your eye shape is upturned.

Hooded eyes

Hooded eyes characteristics with an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, this causes the lip to appear way smaller.

Almond eyes

Almond shaped eyes are when you are able to see a visible crease when you will be looking at your lids and the iris of your eyes touches white on both the top and bottom. Also another sign of almond eyes is this that they might slightly turn upward in the outer corners.

Makeup tips for specific eye shapes

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Each eye shape needs specific makeup, that’s why you will be given some makeup tips.

As we said before each kind of eye shape needs specific makeup technique that’s why we will speak of each eye shape and ideal makeup for them.

Makeup tips for round eyes

If you have round eye shape ans you are about to do an eye makeup you should know that the best idea is going to stick with neutral color palette, it will show off the body of an eye shape. A good idea also would be to use the eyeliner in the waterline when you have rounded eyes. When you will want to apply mascara you should focus more on the top lashes.

Makeup tips for monolid eyes

If you are a person with monolid eyes you should for sure go for utilizing eyeliner look. You should keep your makeup clean and simple with this kind of eye shape. Good idea is also to use nude eyeliner one the lower waterline it will enhance monolid eyes.

Makeup tips for downturned eyes

If you are a person with downturned eyes you should keep the eyeliner linear. Downturned eyes shaped people should also slightly cheat the outer edge and then smudge out the lower lash line you can do that with a shadow or your favorite liner.

Makeup tips for hooded eyes

For hooded eye shapes it is a good idea to open the eyes a bit. To do so you should use mascara and waterproof liner. Those actions will add some light touch to the inner corners and just under the brow bone.

Makeup tips for upturned eyes

Upturned eyes goes wonderful with winged eyeliner. Good idea to do a beautiful makeup with uptured eyes is to use tightline technique using pencil eyeliner. Just line as close to the lashes as it is possible.

Makeup tips for almond eyes

Almond eyes pair wonderfully with a deeper shade on the outer crease and lash line and pulling it outward in a V shape. This trick for almond shape is very often used not by one makeup artist but by many.


This article is all about eye shape and tips how to make specific eye shape look even more beautiful with good paired makeup. We hope that our advices helped you. We also hope that we helped you in determining your eye shape! However we should also mention that you can have mixed eye shape!

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    Thanks for giving us advices on a makeup look that can save us! Everyone has got different eye shape and it is a key to a perfect looking makeup.

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