Hickey makeup – how in smart way hide a love bite?

Woman has hickey on her neck

Let’s be honest and say that we all have been in the situation where we had to go to a place where hickeys souldn’t be seen but we had them in seen places, and we were thinking about how to hide them. Ways for hiding hickeys might be very useful thing don’t you think? If you also think this way we are here to show you those ways.

How to hide hickey with makeup?

That is right you are able to hide your hickey with elp of makeup and all of those youtube videos didn’t lie! Well there are many ways to hide a hickey, however when we are talking about using makeup to cover a hickey there are few steps you will have to follow.

Gather needed materials

It is very important to gather all of beauty materials that are needed before you will start this process. Here are the things you will need:

  • yellow corrector,
  • green color correcting concealer,
  • purple corrector,
  • concealer,
  • a makeup brush,
  • fundation.

Apply yellow corrector

Now you will start with applying yellow color correct to the inside of the hickey. Thanks to this trick inside of this hickey of yours will be purple while the outside will be more red that’s why you will now use yellow to color the inside of the hickey. To apply this use brush.

Apply green color correcting concealer

Now you will have to apply green corrector to the rest of the hickey. Just use clean brush and apply your green corrector to the remaining red part of your hickey.

Use concealer over the hickey

So now you will have to apply over the hickey but remember to find a concealer that in fact perfectly matches your skin tone and just apply it over your hickey. Apply it with help of brush and then dab it with your fingers to set it to your skin. Good advice would be to apply a translucent powder on top of the concealer to keep this in one place.

Good tip for those who has got darker skin tones is to use a salmon-toned concealer.

Apply foundation

Foundation bottle and powder

To get a extra coverage to the hickey of yours. Apply a layer a fundation to keep this hickey hidden right. A a finishing touch you should apply it with foundation brush or a beauty blender (you can also use a finger if you do not have those things) and then blend it with use of a sponge.

How to get rid of hickey without makeup?

If oyu thought that only makeup can do the trick you were wrong. There are also other tricks that may help you to cover a hickey. Here goes some of tricks that can help you to hide it:

  • Use toothpaste – this trick has to be done just right after you get the hickey. You have to smear a thin layer of paste all over the bruised area. Keep this for a couple of minutes and then remove it with help of warm washcloth. As a final touch you should massage the area to help blood circulation.
  • Use ice – with help of ice or some cold object like for example cold compress on the hickey the blood vessels constrict and the bleeding reduces, this is simply helping the skin to heal faster. Just wrap some ice in a washcloth and place it on the skin for about few seconds.
  • Wear right clothes – wearing clothes that might help us hide those hickeys is als a way. It all depends on where the hickey is located on. For example if the hickey is on the neck you can go for turtle neck shirts.

Facts and tips

  • it is a good idea to apply a shade lighter concealer than your skin tone over the corrector to hide hickey,
  • if you will apply those makeup tools with too much pressure you can make this hickey look even worse,
  • hickeys draw attention, that’s why people are very like to hide them,
  • if your hickey is blue , green or yellow go for a peachy color-corrector,
  • when the hickey heals you may notice a yellow or green corrector,
  • with help of setting powder and setting spray you will keep everything in one place,
  • there is also a good idea to apply primer this will seals the pores and will also revents the concealer or foundation from settling into fine lines.


People around the world are dealing with hickeys but we do not have to worry about it because we know how to deal with it. Now thanks to this article you know how to hide even those biggest hickeys, love bites, bruise or other kind of dark circles! Now you do not have to worry about this if your hickey is going to be visible!

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  1. eveline98 says:

    I have always hide my hickeys with clothes but now thanks to you I know now how to do this with makeup tools.

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