Find out what are the best products for a tattoo cover up makeup for dark skin

Man is covered with tattoos

Most of the time people are happy with their tattoos however there are some situations when we would like to hide them for a bit. There are good ways to hide them with help of beauty products.

Covering tattoos with makeup

Who doesn’t like tattoos nowadays? Well very little amount of people but many of us loves them, however there are some occasion when people doesn’t want their tattoos to be visable like for example job interview.

What are the best makeup to cover tattoos? Here we rush you with the best makeup products possible to cover tattoos of yours:

  1. Full coverage foundation – when you will use this type of foundation it will give you the best base of the tattoo makeup! This product is going to help ensure you there is no need to use a lot of concealer afterward.
  2. Full coverage concealer – it is obvious that you will want to use full coverage foundation because it will simply cover tattoos with a single swipe. It is the best idea to go for water resistant formula.
  3. Color-correcting crayon – this one may also be helpful in hiding your tattoos. If your tattoo has got red colour in it you should go for a green color corrector.

How to cover up tattoo with makeup?

Here we will give you steps that you should follow to temporarily get rid of your tattoo. Follow the steps and go back to body with no tattoos.

Prime your tattoos

This first step is all about prep the tattoo for makeup application with a primer. Thanks to the primer you will have a smooth base to apply the makeup.

Use color corrector

This step is not a must but if you have got colored tattoo you may want to start with color correctors. Choose the right one for your tattoo colors.

Apply fundation

This step is all about applying foundation with a makeup blender or slowly with small concealer brush. However if you are going to do that you should start with using your fingers to dab on the product then use a beauty blender this will help you to cover it up even more.

Apply concealer

Now you will have to apply your concealer also with help of beauty blender. You should dab it on top of the foundation till the time when you will completely concealed your tattoo.

Use translucent powder

Here you are almost finishing this, if you want your tattoo to be hidden untill you are going to take a shower yuo should go for the the face powder. Use fluffy brush and dip it in powder and then apply it on the entire tattoo.

Use makeup setting spray

Woman is using a makeup setting spray

This is the last step and this is only making sure of long lasting effect. You can make it even better with makeup setting spray. Just give your makeup a few spritzes and you are all ready to go.

What products are good to use for tattoo coverage?

Here you will be able to find the list of products that are good for all kind of body makeup so also for covering tattoos. Here goes the list:

  1. Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer,
  2. Kryolan TV Paint Stick,
  3. Jones Road The Face Pencil,
  4. RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation Palette,
  5. Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body,
  6. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer,
  7. Dermablend Quick-Fix Body Foundation Stick.


  • when your tattoo is black and you are a person with darker skin tones you should go for more golden-orange shades, but if you are a person with lighter skin tones you should go for peach shade,
  • there are tattoo covers made for professional makeup artists that are used on tv and film sets,
  • you should also choose a concealer that very closely matches your skin tone,
  • every makeup artist knows that coverage makeup should only be applyed on fully healed tattoos,
  • it is very easy to cover up a tattoo if you have right products like for example tattoo concealer,
  • you should prep and clean your skin before tattoo coverage,
  • there are concealers that helps to deal with skin discolorations,
  • there is a camouflage makeup that helps to cover not only tattoos but also dark spots, acne scars and surgical scars.


Now thanks to this article we hope that you will know how to mask your ink. If you were ever afraid of showing yur tattoos on specific events you know now how to hide them. We hope that it helped you and now you will go to each event with no worries that someone is gonna judge you.

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  1. angell says:

    I have a interview and I got informations that they do not like people with tattoos. This article just gave me a chance of geting a job.

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