Spa for premium shoes

Old shoes which needs some spa for shoes

If you love your pair of Louboutins and have been wearing them every time you go out for the last few years, you may be in need of a little refreshing.

Perhaps it’s time to remove the scuff marks from your Manolo Blahnik heels, cleanse the Gucci laces, or remove those pesky stains from Prada flats? Trend for restoring premium shoes has been picking up steam lately, which makes perfect sense as we enter into an era of slow fashion. Let’s take a closer look!

Nowadays most of us have a tendency to throw away everything that has been bitten by the time. Accessories daily use, electronics, furniture, even our wardrobe – it all and much more are dumped on waste dumps.

In a fast-paced world, shoes are often considered unfashionable if they have not been seen at least twice on the street. Nowadays it’s all about bringing out the best in your shoes, and sometimes that means a little bit of professional help.

In the last few years, numerous companies have appeared on the market offering professional revitalization services for practically everything, including clothing and footwear. It is easy to see that especially shoemakers had it easy because they already had experience and specialists who quickly responded to the growing needs of their customers by enlarging the offer with refurbishment. Some companies went one more step ahead and decided to go with premium footwear.

As Sagar Mehra, owner of Shoe Spa – one of the most interesting places for repairing your premium shoes in London, says: “The restoration process for premium products require great care for detail, so we only cooperate with the best specialists who always strive to be on top of all news that can improve our services”.

Should you restore your shoes?

Repairing shoes is no longer just a fad in the footwear industry. Today it is a thriving business going hand in hand with the idea of sustainable fashion. So, when our favorite shoes are wearing out, we should try to give them to professionals first. The professionals will help us decide whether it’s worth investing in such an expensive service and will offer an estimate for free. Don’t be afraid to use the benefits of modern technology!

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