How to lighten hair without bleach? Find out how to lighten hair naturally

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Lightening hair color can be fun! However damaged hair caused by bleach might not be that fun huh? Bleach can be very harmful to our hair and those negative effects can last for a while. Keep reading the article and find out how to avoid it.

Lightening hair – natural method

If you thought that there is only one method to lighten hair and this way is with help of bleach you were wrong! Here you will be able to find out how to lighten hair without bleach use. Find out what are the ways to achieve lighter hair color with no use of harmful chemicals.


One of natural way to lighten hair naturally is sunshine. Sunshine is in fact a 100% free lightener for hair. How does it happen that sun can lighten hair? Well when sun’s rays mix with the oxygen it the air there is happening some sort of reaction in the melanin and this make the hair lighter. You can have really beautiful sun kissed highlights with on effort.

Baking soda

That’s right baking soda is another way to lighten hair without bleach. To make this happen you should mix baking soda with warm waterma and create a paste consistency (make enough to cover your hair). Apply baking soda mix to your hair and massage it to the strands of your hair. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it off. When you wash it off you should apply deep conditioner.

Apple cider vinegar

How does apple cider vinegar works like lightener? Well it works like lightener because it helping to balance out the hair’s pH levels. Apple cider vinegar lighten strands with help of dissolving any unwanted oils, dirt. To create this natural lightener you should mix apple cider vinegar with five times as much water. Pour this mixture after shampooing bbut before using conditioner. Massage it into your hair for about 30 seconds. Then just wash it off and apply conditioner. This method can even work for brunette hair. When it comes to brunette hair it might give them an orange glow!

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea ready to be used on hair

Chamomile tea simply fades hair color. You should remember that this will not make a drastic difference but will lighten up your hair. You have to brew a couple strong cups of chamomile tea and then apply it all over your hair – good tip would be to go and lie in the sun. Leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes and then follow your regular hair care routine.

Lemon juice

Something that you should know that lemon juice is a gentle oxidizing agent. It in fact is very similar to bleach but on much lesser scale. If you want to bleach hair with help of lemon juice you should try creating a mixture which is made of one-part fresh lemon juice and two-parts warm water. You should soak hair in this mixture before you will go sunbathing.

Facts about naurally lighter hair

  • if you have dark hair you probably will not be able to get the blonde hair color naturally,
  • if you are about to lighten hair at home you should know that if you have blonde hair it will probably get blonder. However if you have light brown hair color you may reach colors like dark blonde hair,
  • vodka is very common alternative as a hair lightener and it’s clear blue tones are helpful when it comes to lift hair brassiness,
  • you can also mix honey with cinnamon and create wonderful mask which can also lighten hair naturally. To create this mask you will need two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon and olive oil (not to have dry hair but moisturized hair)- this can lighten your hair to one or two shades,
  • apple cider vinegar do the magic not only to the hair color but also to the scalp.


Hair health is very important and we should remember before coloring them and especially using bleach. We hope that we helped and now you are enjoyig you beautiful natural highlights with no bleaching!

Our last tip would be to try mixing lemon juice with coconut oil for a wonderful portion of moisture.

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    I had no idea that I could bleach my hair in natural way. This just made my day.

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