How to tightline eyes – let us tell you how to do that like a pro

Woman is doing her eye makeup with help of eye pencil

If you are looking for tips on how to tightline eyes like a pro you are in a perfect place. Make your eyes pop with our help!

Be a master of the invisible eyeliner art

Do you want to make your eyes to look a little bit bigger, more defined and brighter? If so we will show you how to become a master of invisible eyeliner.

At first let us explain you what tightlining is. It is an eye makeup technique which uses eyeliner and applies it to the eye waterline. This technique means creating illusion of fuller lashes and even more defined eye shape.

Continue reading the article to find some classic makeup techniques to create this awesome look.

Needed tools

That’s right there are couple of things needed to do this makeup. Before you will start with creating this awesome look make sure you have right type of eyeliner. The best choice would be a gel waterproof eyeliner which would be applyed with help of synthetic brush.

Step by step tutorial

Want to create this awesome makeup look on your own? Yes? Well then follow those steps:

  1. lift lashes,
  2. sweep the eyeliner close to the root,
  3. line lower waterline.

Lift lashes

Our first step is to locate the upper waterline – remember to wash your hands before you will do this. If you cleaned your hands you can now gently lift up the lashes on one eye till the time when the gaps between each eyelash on your top lash line are going to be visible from underneath. If you find it, this is the place where you will place the eyeliner.

Sweep the eyeliner close to the root

Use eyeliner and carefully sweep ot across the lash line, do it from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner of your eye. Do this till the lash line is fully filled in. This step requires very gentle touch that’s why out advice would be to try dobbing or even gently dotting liner along the lash. You should avoid bringing tenshion to the eye area.

Tip is to have some makeup remover in case you will have to clean up potential smudges. To do that use a cotton swab.

line lower waterline

Do not be like many other people and do not stop with upper lash line but go to even more intense tightline look. To reach this more intense look you should also line lower lash line. To make this happen you should pull lower lashes gently downward so the spaces between each of your bottom lashes will be seen. Now just take your eyeliner and fill in the space from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.

Beauty tips

Woman is doing her eyeliner makeup look

Everyone needs beauty tips, especially when it comes to tightlining your eyes! Let’s be honest once you tightline your eyes you will want to do it everyday. Also when you tightline your eyes you will want it to last all day long right? Here goes some of the tips that you could use:

  1. if your eyes tend to water you could try and apply the eyeshadow on top of the gel liner. This could bring extra long protection,
  2. use eyelash curler and curl your lashes. It is a good idea for a better application of eyeliner pencil or eyeliner gel,
  3. choose wisely the eyeliner, remember that you will apply it close to your eyeball so the best eyeliner would be waterproof formula,
  4. to reach more of natural makeup look use color of eyeliner that will match your eyelash color,
  5. choose the right brush you can give it a try with angled eyeliner brush however it could be better for the the final result to use flat eyeliner brush,
  6. it is also a good idea to sanitize you pencil eyeliner because it is going to be in contact with your eyeball,
  7. if you want to make your eyes bigger you should use white eyeliner,
  8. focus on the roots. You should make sure that the eyeliner is as close to the roots as it is only possible,
  9. take care of the lashes. Tightlining your eyes can cause the lashes to fall out so a good idea would be to apply some castor oil or serum for lash.

Facts about makeup world

  • there is a professional celebrity makeup artist whos name is Nigel Stanislaus and is known from Australia’s Next Top Model,
  • tightlining technique makes the lash bed appear bolder, but is giving the appearance of thicker lashes while bringing out the natural shape of your eye,
  • in older days makeup was used to frighten enemies,
  • when you keep makeup out of sunlight it prevents destroying the preservatives in it,
  • the most common injury that is caused by makeup is scratching the eye with a mascara wand.


We hope that we helped you to create desired eye makeup look. We helped you in creating the makeup of your dreams but we hope that we also made you understand that it is the best idea to use a waterproof pencil eyeliner when it comes to such a makup technique.

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