Sunburn treatments – sunburn and your skin, find out how to handle sunburn

Woman is putting body SPF on her skin

We all know how sunburned skin may hurt, however there is also another danger that comes after it. This article is all about sunburn and this what comes after it.

What is sunburn?

We should start with the explanation of this what the sunburn is. Sunburn is an inflammatory reaction to UV radiation damage hat happens to the skin’s outermost layers. Sunburn can cause things like:

  • inflammation,
  • reddening,
  • blistering,
  • peeling.

Sunburn treatment

If you want to treat sunburn there are couple of ways to do that. Let’s start with ways to treat symptoms since they are the most bothering. To treat sunburn symptoms you should:

  • apply aloe vera lotion on affected areas,
  • take cool shower or bath,
  • use cool compresses,
  • do not break blisters,
  • take tylenol to ease pain if you got too much sun.

You should call 911 or your doctor if:

  • your burnt skin doesn’t seem to respond to the given treatment,
  • if you have a seizure, visual changes, or other neurlogic symptoms,
  • if skin blisters fills white,
  • if sunburned person is a child under 1 year old.

Home remedies:

  • drink plenty of water which will help you stay hydrated and help you avoid dehydration,
  • apply a clean towel which were before dampened in cold water on your burned eyes,
  • take cool bath and add baking soda about 60g,
  • use chamomile tea let it cool and soak it on a clean cloth this will bring you some cooling effect.

How to reduce sunburnt skin risk?

Woman is using umbrella to protect her skin from sun

You can in fact prevent sunburn and also skin damage. Here goes some of the things that you can do to reduce risks of sunburnt skin:

  • wear sun protective clothing, it is very important to covers as much as of the skin as it is only possible,
  • remember of proper protection, use at least SPF 30, remember to get the one that is water resistant,
  • wear hat that is going to protect your face,
  • seek shade,
  • wear sunglasses

Facts and tips

  • some people are way more prone to sunburn, to be honest people with fair skin are in the greatest risk,
  • avoid further sun exposure while your skin heals and till it is completely healed,
  • melanin is a pigment that gives your skin the color and also protects it from sun’s rays,
  • intact blisters can in fact help the skin heal,
  • it is a good idea to use combination of sun protection measures,
  • health care provider may send you to the hospital for severe sunburn,
  • skin peeling is just the sign that the body is trying to shed its damaged skin cells,
  • applying benzocaine creams can cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation,
  • sun exposure raises the skin cancer risk,
  • even 80% of UV rays can penetrate clouds,
  • burn can cause premature aging.


Now you know everything about this how sunburn heals and also everything about sunburn prevention.

Once again a very important thing is to replace body fluids that’s why you should drink a lot of water or sports drinks!

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  1. alberto says:

    Sunburn is the worst thig for me. Thanks for giving me such a amazing advices.

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