Coolsculpting – side effect’s, risks and much more

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Coolsculpting is a cosmetic treatment that helps in removing excess fat cells which are in stubborn areas. In this article you will be able to find out what are the side effects, risks but also this how does it work. Keep reading and find out!

What coolsculpting is?

Coolsculpting is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on fat-freezing method just like cryolipolysis treatment. This cosmetic treatment aims to reduce stubborn fat that is located in certain parts of the body. Simple explanation would be this that it is treatment for fat reduction and body contouring.

You should remember that coolsculpting fat freezing procedure is a non invasive procedure what means that it is not involving any cuts or even anesthesia.

How to get rid of unwanted fat with coolsculpting

Coolsculpting in fact is using a procedure that is known under a name cryolipolysis. This procedure looks like this, a roll of fat is being placed between two panels which are cooling it till it freezing temperatures. And that is how this procedure kill fat cells.

Does fat reduction by coolsculpting work?

Fat reduction by coolsculpting is in fact a effective treatment. However it is very important for people to understand that effects of this kind of treatment only shows up to the targeted areas. Here also is very important to pay attenetion to the healthy lifestyle as well as other type of facts because it may play a huge role.

Side effects of coolsculpting procedure

There are many side effects and here we will tell you a bit about them. During the process you may feel some pulling, tugging on the skin and an intense cold. This procedure can also cause side effects like:

  • mild or moderate pain afterward,
  • temporary redness,
  • swelling that lasts between a few days up to three weekss,
  • slight risk of nerve pain,
  • numbness,
  • aching,
  • complications may lead to forming a large, firm, and typically painless mass under the skin in the treatment area,
  • skin can look less smooth afterward.

Risks of coolsculpting

Woman is getting the fat of her body out

You should know also risks that comes after the procedure. There are always some risks however there are only a few of them and they are very rare. Side effects are mild as you already know that.

Facts about coolsculpting

  • people who went through coolsculpting and didn’t follow healthy diet and exercise may notice that those treated fat cells are bulding up again. That’s why you have to have a healthy diet to aviod your existing fat cells to grow,
  • people with loose skin, poor skin tone, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or cryoglobulinemia should avoid this kind of procedure,
  • most patients need 1 up to 3 coolsculpting treatments to get noticeable coolsculpting results,
  • this procedure is not a way to lose weight,
  • body areas that can be treated with use of coolsculpting are arms, stomach, thighs, double chin, bra area, banana roll, flanks, back bulge, love handles, abdomen,
  • if you wonder how much does the coolsculpting cost it vary depending on factors like body part, how many sessions you will need/want and the place you live in,
  • coolsculpting was created by FDA to deal with visible fat bulges,
  • there is no recovery time since this procedure can be done at your doctor’s office,


As you can see there are many things that differ coolsculpting from traditional liposuction that is simply a plastic surgery and what is the most important is this that it is nonsurgical procedure. Now you know that this procedure benefits in fat removal so why not to try this out and get rid of extra fat cells?

One more thing remember that destroyed fat cells will not prevent new fat cells from showing up.

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  1. tylor says:

    I have never before heard about coolsculpting, but it sounds so good. I will for sure read a bit more about it and maybe i will do it myslef.

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