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Are you having problems with determining skin tone of yourself? If so we are here to help you. We will give you a guide through skin tones. So if you have been living a life where you didn’t know what skin tone and undertone is and which one of them is yours you were missing so much. However we will now take care about it and give you such infromations.

What are skin tones?

You should at firt know what a skin tone and undertone is. Skin tone is the surface color of your skin but undertone is the subtle hue underneath the surface. Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin which is located in the uppermost layer of your skin.

There are four main types of skin tone. Those skin tones are:

  1. light skin tone – person with light skin tone are very likely to tan in the summer time,
  2. fair skin tone – someone with this kind of skin tone is more likely to burn easy and have light or red hair color,
  3. medium skin tone – this skin tone means that you have warm golden or olive undertones,
  4. deep skin tone – this skin type is dark skin tone in fact it is the deepest range of skin tones.

What is the skin undertone?

Now when you know what are skin tones types you should also know what are the types of skin undertones. Skin undertones types are:

  1. warm undertones,
  2. cool undertones,
  3. neutral undertones.

Warm undertones

When it comes to warm undertone it includes undertones like yellow, golden or peachy undertones.

Cool undertones

Cool undertone includes undertones like for example pink, red or blueish ones.

Neutral undertones

Neutral undertone of the skin means that a person has got a mixture warm and cool undertones.

Identify your undertone

Blue veins are very visable

There are a couple of ways how to figure out what undertone you are. Here goes the list of couple of them:

  1. Check color of the veins – checking your veins color is a very good way to determine your skin undertone. You should look at veins which are in the area of your neck and face. If you see blue veins in your skin this means that you have cool undertones. When your veins appear green you have got warm undertones.
  2. Try on the jewelry – comparing silver and gold jewelry against the skin could also be very helpful in figuring out what is the undetone of your skin. Gold jewelry is going to look better if you are warm toned while silver jewelry is going to be the best match for cool tones.
  3. Wear a pure white shirt – wearing white shirt in natural light you will be able to figure out what undertone you are. If your skin seems to be pink or rosy you are cool toned. If your skin appears to be more yellow then you are warm undertone.
  4. Skin reaction on sun exposure – you can also find out what skin type you have. To understand your skin undertone you can examine the way your skin reacts to the skin rays.

We know that all of those converations about warm and cool colors can be overwelming but we hope that thanks to those methods you will be able to tell if you have cool skin tone or warm skin tone in a simple way!


  • deeper skin tones as well as deeper eye color tend to come up with warmer undertones,
  • fair skin tone and also lighter eyes tend to have neutral or cool undertones. That’s why blue and grey eyes belongs to cooler undertones,
  • peach skin undertone is best identified as someone who has got a yellow undertone and also red surface tones,
  • there are different skin types there are for example dry skin, oily or combination skin but also sensetive skin and normal skin type,
  • people with medium skin tone tan easily,
  • genetics determine your skin tone however sun exposure can affect a bit the color of your skin tone,
  • people with very fair skin can be burn easily when they are affected by sun exposure,
  • people with medium skin tone very often have golden undertones and also might have light brown hair or dark blonde hair color. When it comes to eye color they tend to have hazel or light brown eyes,
  • some skin tones can get away with unprotected sun exposure but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear sun protection,
  • for a person with darker skin it will be easier to get darker and darker while being more and more on a sun exposure,
  • there are many factors that effect overall skin tone, like for example tanning is one of them,
  • if you have warm skin you should pair it with other warm tones to reach a cohesive look,
  • when you aleady know what skin’s undertone you are it will be simple for you to choose perfectly matched foundation shade as well as bronzers or lip shades.


You can know determine skin tone of your own and your friends thanks to this article. There are many different skin tones but now you know how to determine your skin tone and skin’s undertones.

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  1. fiona says:

    I had no idea hat my vains could say so much about my undertone. Thanks for letting me know that.

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